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THE ROLL OF HONOUR 1914 - 1918

Brigadier- General C.H.J. Brown, DSO, mid, NZSC

- 1st NZ Infantry Brigade NZEF

Colonel A. Bauchop, CMG, mid, NZSC
- Otago Mounted Rifles NZEF

Lieutenant Colonel D.E. McB. Stewart, mid, 1st (Canterbury) Regt

- Canterbury Infantry Battalion NZEF

Major F.B. Brown, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment
- 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regt. NZEF   


Major B.S. Jordan, 13th (North Canterbury & Westland) Regiment

- 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regt. NZEF


Major W.H. Meddings, NZSC

- 2nd Battalion, Canterbury Regt. NZEF

Major P.J. Overton, mid, 1st (CYC) Mounted Rifles

- Canterbury Mounted Rifles NZEF

Major V. Rogers, DSO, mid, NZFA

- 5th Battery, NZ Field Artillery, NZEF

Captain H.H. Ffitch, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment

- Canterbury Infantry Battalion NZEF

Captain J. Graham , Corps of NZ Engineers, Railways Battalion     

- 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regt. NZEF

Captain A.W. Macarthur-Onslow, mid, 16th Lancers

- 2nd Cavalry Division BEF

Captain W.R. Wakelin, mid, Corps of NZ Engineers, Post & Telegraph Bn.

- 2nd Light Trench Mortar Bty. NZEF

Lieutenant H.R. Brittan, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment

- 1st Battalion, 3rd (Rifle) Brigade NZEF

Lieutenant W.W.A. Burn, mid, NZSC

- Attached 30 Sqn. Royal Flying Corps

Lieutenant L.F. Corson, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment – Coast Defence Det.

- 21st Reinforcements, Trentham MC

Lieutenant E.R. Guthrie, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment

- 4th Battalion, AIF

Lieutenant A.E. MacPherson, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment

- 2nd Battalion, 3rd (Rifle) Bde. NZEF

Lieutenant S.W. Morton, NZFA

- 5th Battery, NZFA

Lieutenant W.G. Skelton, 13th (North Canterbury & Westland) Regiment

- Canterbury Infantry Battalion NZEF

Lieutenant H.M. Wright, 1st (Canterbury) Regiment – Coast Defence Det.

- Canterbury Infantry Battalion NZEF

THE ROLL OF HONOUR 1939 - 1945

Lieutenant J.C. Laing

- NZ Scottish Regiment

Lieutenant G. Morrison

- NZ Scottish Regiment

Paymaster Lieutenant F.L Rees


Major B.I. Bassett

- The Canterbury Regiment

Major T. Milliken

- The Canterbury Regiment

Lt. Commander H.L. Hudson


Captain R.B. Symon



As part of the Officers’ Club’s contribution to the WW100 Commemorations, we commissioned Officers’ Club Member and renowned military author, Brig. John Gray, to complete a publication containing the biographical and service details of all of our WW1 casualties on the Roll of Honour.

Limited copies of this publication are available from the Officers’ Club Secretary.

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